Art Elements May Theme Challenge – Forest

Hi! First off, welcome to my new blog! I switched over from Blogger to WordPress because quite honesty Blogger doesn’t support itself anymore, and I can add a storefront to this web site! My store should be up soon and I hope you’ll come back and visit.

This month it was my turn to chose the theme for the monthly challenge, and I chose forest. I made quite a few things this month, and I’m excited to show you!

The first thing I made was this large lentil bead, from a green man bead press by a Welsh glass artist.  Green Man is found in many cultures, and typically symbolizes rebirth and the cycle of growth each spring. I made it using a color called Umber, and I love the different colors you get when  you continually heat and press it.

Green Made Large lentil bead

After I made this bead, I used the press with some polymer clay to make these cabochons. Of course I had to add a tiny bit of pearly paint – I felt the alcohol inks needed a little bit of oomph.

Green Man polymer clay cabochons

Then I just made some more, eventually I’ll paint them and all will be listed in my new shop!

I also did some beading for this challenge. The first thing I made was this Game of Thrones inspired piece. I used the green man press to make a cabochon that is gray in color, similar to the weirwood trees. I used red czech leaf beads for the red leaves of the tree. The gemduos represent the dragon scales, and the silver beads represent valerian steel! I was really into it! I added some white and black crows, and this is where I stopped for now. I got some tila beads to use as the ice wall, but haven’t worked out exactly how I want to add them, so this is a WIP.

Beaded piece Game of Thrones inspired

The next beaded piece I did is a Forest Fairy. I was inspired by the many photos in my Pinterest board, Forest. I used a raku face cabochon by Sarajane Helm – it’s gorgeous! I had a lot of fun making this piece, and haven’t quite decided if she will be a long necklace, or something else.

Forest Fairy beaded piece

As we were getting the yard all ready for summer, my dad had some ferns to donate to the cause, and when a frond broke off of one of them, I used it on a piece of polymer clay to make a fern cabochon. Turned out ok – the clay burned in the toaster oven because I didn’t tent it, so I used various different inks to color it, and I like it ok, but I will explore this idea further through the summer!

Fern frond polymer cabochon

And now we come to what I think is my favorite project for the Forest theme – mushrooms. First, I made two mushroom beads with some discontinued glass I have, and I really liked them!

Two Glass Mushroom Beads

But I thought, really, who wants mushroom beads? I mean, maybe someone does, but they are too heavy for earrings. Maybe for a necklace if you’re a fantasy mushroom lover! So, I made a PILE of mushrooms on the ends of mandrels, to became plant pokes or terrarium decorations. I loved making them! I made lots! Here’s a few group shots!

Mushroom terrarium decorations

And here’s what I did with one; I glued it with gorilla glue onto a stainless steel mandrel. This is good for a plant poke. I will cut some smaller pieces of mandrel to make them into terrarium decorations, and they should be available in my shop too, when it opens!

Glass Mushroom plant poke

And here’s a gratuitous little cactus because why not! This is my next series of plant poke/terrarium decorations!

glass cactus

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the things I made for the theme, Forest. This is a blog hop so I hope you’ll check out what everyone else made this month! Thanks for stopping by!




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