Art Elements Theme Challenge October – Eye

Aaaaand another month has rolled around! Laney chose Eye as the theme for October’s challenge! I was on it  – the first thing I thought of was the evil eye (or nazar)! The nazar reflects a malevolent gaze back at the person who gave the evil glare. These are widely seen in many countries, you may have seen them in Turkish or Greek restaurants. They are very prevalent and available for purchase in Greece (in my experience!).

Lindsay requested evil eye cabochons, which was a lot of fun – I made small, medium and large round and oval ones as well.

Then I decided I should make evil eye headpins! These were fun to make too!

I wanted to make an ornament like I had seen in a Turkish restaurant, using bead weaving and one of the cabs. They seem to be highly ornamental, so I did it up! I even ordered the little evil eye charms from a shop on Etsy from Greece! I do wish I make the hanger strap a little bit longer, though. There are a few other things I wish I would have done differently, like using blue or smoke thread instead of white.

I had a couple ideas in my head for my new little micro-mosaic passion, and of course had to order a few supplies. The bezels come from a shop on Etsy from Turkey – how appropos! I also came upon these vintage glass eye beads and had to have them. My original idea didn’t work but I do like how they look as a simple design in the square bezel.

That’s it for my eye designs! I hope you enjoyed them! Since this is a blog hop, please check out what everyone else made – I know I’m excited to see!

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