She Sells Sea Shells at the Sea Shore

My new friend and customer, Kris, sells her great ocean-themed jewelry in New Jersey, in some stores and with some friends! She even has her own personal sales manager, taking her wares to and fro to sell them! What a great friend. Here’s some work she did with some of my beads – she hasn’t been selling on etsy, but maybe she will soon? Let me know if you want her to make you something, too!

Customer Work

Pam, from cooljewelrydesign on etsy, made this necklace with my Chinese Lantern lampwork beads. You can click on her shop name to find the link. I like necklaces like these – they show off the beads and are nice and simple. Pam likes lampwork and you can find many things in her store right now!

I have to take the day off from making beads to get the laundry done, pay the bills, and I think I’m going to try and sit in the sun by the pool for a bit. We had fun with friends watching the Stanley Cup last night, and I was up way past my bedtime! Need to chill out today!

Customer Work – Silver Parrot Designs

Photo Courtesy of Kelly, Silver Parrot Designs

I promised you some customer work that I was very impressed with! Kelly, from Silver Parrot Designs, made this necklace with my bead set called Silvered Aqua Terra. I really love how she pulled the colors from the beads and made an impressive three strand necklace! I love to see what customers do with the beads I make for them, especially when they create something like this! You can also read Kelly’s blog, here!

Customer Work

It’s been too long since I have done this! I have some very cool customer work to show you! The first photo shows a set of four colorful, happy bracelets made by Maria Joao, in Portugal. She has an etsy store, Cool Temptations, but you can’t get these bracelets – they are for sale in a shop in Lisboa. I may have mentioned I am going to Portugal this summer, and may get to see Maria and/or her work!
This next bracelet and necklace set was done by customer, Martha. She made the set for her friend, and I’m happy to say the friend loves it! These were made with my Copper Wave set of beads, available on my web site, SueBeads, and sometimes smaller sets of these beads are available in the etsy store!

This necklace was made by my friend Diane, and you can find her etsy store here. She has bought so many of my beads in the past, she must have bins and bins full of them. Actually, I believe she sells a great deal of her work made with my beads, and for that I am happy! This is a focal bead I made, and she made it into a very nice necklace with an African feel!

Finally, here’s a set of earrings made by my friend and customer, Leslie. She has also purchased many many beads and I appreciate it greatly! I think I am feeding her addiction – don’t tell her husband! These earrings were made for a friend of hers, with my Black Bathing Suit style beads, but made into rounds. Just so you know, the reason they are called Black Bathing Suit is because when I made the original lentil beads, I pictured them in a necklace, on someone who was sitting at the club in their black bathing suit!

Hope you enjoyed the show!

MORE (!) Customer Work

I really like seeing what my customers do with the beads they buy from me – I hope you do too! Here’s a peek at what another customer made – Nancy, from bythebead on etsy, made these earrings, called Vanilla Rock, from my silvered aqua terra beads.

I originally made the beads after I saw a design by a jewelry maker, who used aqua terra jasper beads. I tried to replicate the look of the stone. They came out pretty darn close! I should have more of these beads in my store soon!

Customer Bracelet – CandysTrinkets

I have a long-time customer, Candy, who has a bracelet made with my beads listed in her etsy shop! She just left a really nice comment on my giveaway blog post. She mentioned that a good cure for the February Blah’s is to buy beads, from ME! I think that’ s a great idea! Here’s a photo of the bracelet made with the Elegance beads, and a link to her store!

Customer Makes Dog Leads with my Beads!

I have a great customer who requested some of my designer beads with a large hole. She was making dog leads and wanted to embellish them with lampwork beads. I have made a series of these for her, and she graciously gave me permission to post a photo of one of the leads she made with my purple galaxy bead. Her name is Linda, and if you are interested in her work, you can find it at They are really cool and she does custom work!