My New Stash

I just can’t help it, if I go to a city, I have to visit bead stores. It’s a sickness. The engineer just goes along, not saying anything. Pretty nice of him!

Here’s two photos of my new stash. I got those fantastic colored seed beads, although they are Indian, so they won’t be as perfect as Japanese. Oh well… I got three sets of buttons. Why? I don’t know. I saw them in Pearl, and really liked them, so I just picked them up! Pearl is a really cool artist store, in the really cool trendy part of Philadelphia, the part that I am just too old for.

I got a strand of botswana agate, which I love. The other strand is some kind of blue rutilated quartz, although I’m not sure if that’s the name – it wasn’t labeled. The strands I got in Beadworks. I have to say that I have never in my life walked into a small bead store and not been greeted. That’s what happened here. No hello, no can I help you find something, no nothing. Not impressed. I’m sure the owner wasn’t there, because maybe that wouldn’t have happened. Oh well. I’m sure they won’t miss my business.

BTW, Pearl is large, and even they went out of their way to greet us when we walked in! I’ll have more later. I got the kids off to school, walked, worked out, dipped mandrels, did some bead packaging and blog reading, and now the blog post, so I REALLY have to start doing something like laundry and picking up! Oh, and making Kristin her yellow beaded beads. Do you know how impossible it is to do beaded beads on a plane, or in a hotel room????