More Portugal – Sintra

Toy Museum – Giant Playmobil Figure
Moorish Castle on the top of the hill

Tiles on the street

I believe the engineer took most of these photos – I don’t even know if mine are off my camera yet! Sintra is a nice little town (alink if you want to learn more), where tour buses are only allowed to park for five minutes for on/off loading. We didn’t get to go up to the castle, although one of the engineer’s students did and said it was really great! I guess I’ll visit next time we go!!!! I thought the giant Playmobil figure was very cute and fitting for the town!

More Portugal – Cabo da Roca

When you go to Cabo da Roca (a link in case you want to read more about it) in Portugal, you get a certificate stating that you stood on the western most point of Europe! Yep, an actual certificate signed by the “mayor” of the town and sealed with a wax seal and everything – very cute! This was one of the excursions we took, with the engineer’s group, the second day we were in Portugal.

Portugal Photos

First night in Cascais, Portugal – jetlagged is the look, Steak Portugese is the dish

Cascais marina

Hello Kitty time/temperature sign, sponsored by the Casino Estoril

Thought I’d better get some photos of Portugal up here, before someone accuses me of not really going! My engineer boyfriend LOVES taking photos of me looking jetlagged (and I always take photos of him using his computer in the airport, on the plane or on the various buses we take when we travel!); here’s one for you. I don’t think it looks too horrible so I’m willing to put it up! Then the marina in Cascais, and just goes to show you, Hello Kitty is everywhere! Actually there’s a lot of Japanese influence in Portugal and vice versa, considering Portugal visited Japan in the 14th century.

What I Bought!

Portugal is very well known for a few things: cork, tiles, port wine, lace. I’m sure there are more, and I just don’t know them! I wanted to show you what I bought when I was there. I did not buy very many things – I did not get to find a bead store in Lisboa, since I didn’t get there! I didn’t find a bead store in Cascais, and am not aware that one exists there! I did not find a bead store in Obidos, and can pretty much say with surety that there is no bead store in Obidos! However, I did buy a few wonderful things by which to remember my trip.

I bought this beautiful hand painted tile in Obidos. In fact, I think I bought everything in Obidos. This tile is going to hang on the wall on my back covered porch – can’t wait to put it out there!

I bought this gorgeous terra cotta hand-painted dish in Obidos as well. It’s for the oven, I’m sure, but I don’t think it will ever see the oven – it’s signed by the artist on the back. I think I’ll use it for serving things in…

This tile and cork trivet I believe I also purchased in Obidos. I bought my kids some hand-painted wood roosters in Sintra that look very simlar to this rooster.

I’ll try and post some photos tomorrow of scenery and towns! And kids, and other stuff like that! I did get some bead making done today, and will try and catch up on everyone’s blogs tonight! I see Silver Parrot put something about my beads on her blog, I just need to get the time after dinner to read!

July Art Bead Scene Challenge

Here’s the July Art Bead Scene Challenge – the Lascaux Cave Paintings. I am so excited – I was actually there! When I was in college, I spent a summer in Toulouse France at the Dickinson College Study Center. We were the first summer group – we had a blast! We would work all week, then take weekends and run around the south of France with our very cool professors. This was one of the side trips we took. You can’t go into the caves anymore – people who were taking photos were ruining them. It was so amazing to think how old these paintings were, and I consider myself extremely lucky that I got to see them – even if I didn’t appreciate it at the time! I hope I can come up with something to make this month. Right now, I have to go do tons of laundry, and try to get my brain back from jetlag! Hopefully later I’ll be able to post a few more of my photos! The engineer took the best ones, of course, so I need to find his too!

Please see my etsy store for some SALE items!!!!! More will be marked on sale later, when my brain gets a little less foggy!!!!


Batalha Gargoyle, Portugal, by Susan Kennedy

Can you tell – this is how I feel today!!! Actually, it’s a gargoyle in the storage room in a monestary in Batalha Portugal! I love it! Tell you about today’s trip tomorrow – I’ve been travelling for about 20 hours now and am just beat!


Street in Obidos, Portugal

Hey everyone – in case you didn’t know, I am headed to Portugal for a week! This weekend, I will be going to Portugal for the engineer’s professional society meetings, along with my kids and my parents. If any of you readers out there from Portugal have advice or info, I’d love to have it. We will be spending a few days in both Cascais and Obidos. We will only have hours in Lisboa, from dinner to the next morning. I would love to find some bead stores, tiles, and good wine! If you know of a restaurant we have to go to in Lisboa I’d love the name!