Hoppy Easter!

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Two years ago, my family went to Scotland for the engineer’s professional society meetings. What a wonderful trip, considering my family is Scottish! We were driving along the road one day, looking for a gas station, when what did we see but a field FULL of bunnies! My mom and my daughter ran over while gas was being pumped to take the photo! I’ve never seen anything like it! Happy Easter!

Linlithgow Palace, Scotland

I don’t really have any new bead pics because I’ve been working on a couple of nice orders – thanks so much! Here’s just an eye-candy photo! It’s a photo of Linlithgow Palace (outside Edinburgh), an old ruin of a Palace, where Mary Queen of Scots was born. I actually took this photo – it was a very rainy cloudy day (who would have thought – rain and clouds in Scotland???). I found this awesome web site called Undiscovered Scotland where you can read more about it! WOW very cool! We were in Scotland two summers ago for the engineer’s professional society meetings. It actually became a great family vacation for my family. My parents went along and my kids, and I think my parents had a really great time! My grandparents were born in Scotland and came over here in the 1930’s. My dad is a first generation American. I loved our trip to Scotland and hope to get back there again some day.

Too Cold To Torch…

It’s too cold to work in my basement today – when I woke up to get the kids off to school, it was 1 degree. I’ll make beads tomorrow. In the meantime, I am cutting fabric for my son’s travel fair at school – he picked and got Scotland as his country. We have to make a poster, food, a souvenir and he has to dress up and give a presentation about a famous person from Scotland! The souvenir is a laminated bookmark with a plaid fabric to resemble tartan. Hopefully when they are done, I will post a photo of it! Here’s a look at a new item I put in my BellaHannahJane etsy store – an oval wood tab pendant with a beautiful Chinese stamp of two birds – they look like love birds!