No Earrings in Simply Beads Magazine

UPDATE: These earrings and beads will be on ePatterns Central, at some point, which you can find on the web site. There will be instructions there for purchase, if you need them. I’ll give an update when I find out when! In the meantime, as I mentioned, the beads are great for many other projects as well, I’m thinking bracelets, necklaces and purse charms, just as a start!

Well, I received my Simply Beads magazine today and to my surprise, my earring design is not in the February issue. I’m not sure what happened, I’ll let you know when I find out. In the meantime, I’m disappointed, but here’s a photo of what they looked like (click on the picture to make them larger) – feel free to order the beads anyways! If it doesn’t get published in one of their upcoming earrings books, I’ll be glad to share supply information and directions as a free tutorial. I’ll let you know!

More Sparkle Barrel Beads Added

I finally finished adding all the sparkle barrel beads to my SueBeads website. This photo shows all the colors I have made to date. As I mentioned, I’ll be adding more colors next week; for now, if you want a color you don’t see, please just ask for it! I’ll be glad to make them for you! These beads are the beads that will be featured with my earring design in the February 2009 Simply Beads Magazine that hits newsstands tomorrow, if all goes right! Thanks for looking!

New Beads at SueBeads

Hi everyone – tonight I listed a limited amount of barrel beads that will appear in the February 2009 issue of Simply Beads – limited only because I didn’t have enough time to list all the colors of barrel sparkle beads I have available to make my earring design. I will list the rest of what I have tomorrow, and then throughout the week I will make more colors in more choices. I have a few bead orders to do, but am excited about the magazine beads too, so make sure you check it out and order the beads! They are some fun, flirty earrings I think you will enjoy!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! I actually stayed up until midnight last night! We had some good friends over for dinner and a nice bottle of prosecco I brought back from Italy, and had a very nice evening! That’s what it’s all about!

I don’t actually make “resolutions” because I have this personal philosophy that resolutions set you up to fail! However, this year I have decided goals are in order. They aren’t huge – get my closet in order, get all my beads and supplies in order, try to lose this weight I have gained since my surgery. But I also want to get some more designs in magazines, and get more creative with my beads – this means spending more time “playing” and opening myself up! We’ll see… meantime, I think I will be opening a new etsy store for my destash! I’ll let you know when that happens – the “goal” is by the end of January!

Also, in a few days, the February 2009 Simply Beads magazine will be out. I have an earring design in it – they are fun, flirty earrings made with my beads and swarovski crystals. Take a look – I’ll be listing the bead selections on the home page of SueBeads tonight or tomorrow, for order!

Thanks to all my customers for making my year great! I hope to get a mailing list started, and offer some blog giveaways and specials this year!
Click the photo to go to the SueBeads etsy listing for the pretty Valentine Sparkles shown in the picture!