Holiday Project Idea

Hi there – I was in Pier One Imports today – I love that store – and I found these heart ornaments. I knew they wanted to hang from my new chandellier in my dining room. I am having friends over on Saturday for dinner and wanted to get decorating (I’m a bit behind – tree tomorrow!). Since I could not find the ornament hangers, and because they wouldn’t match the antique brass color of the chandellier anyways, I decided to get out my 18 gauge copper wire. I twisted it with my pliers, and wrapped the top around a bottle top to get the round shape to hang it from the chandellier rungs. Then I just put the little ornament on the bottom, and voila! I think this is a great project. The ornaments were on sale, and the copper wire wasn’t that much either! Hope you like it! Click on it to see it bigger!

Here’s Something New!

Whenever I have leftover beads, I like to make useful things out of them! I really like making the purse-clip-backpack-charm-zipper-pull things! You can be creative with leftovers – leftover spacers, beads, etc. Here’s a photo of one I made from a leftover bead of mine, and some czech rondelles and a celtic charm. I really like the colors! Hope you do too – you’ll be able to find them in my etsy shop pretty soon, for little holiday-gift-stocking-stuffers!

Have a great weekend! We are visiting my friend Beth and her family for dinner tonight – she has half a cow to eat, and we’re bringing the pie and corn from the farmer’s market! I can’t wait to what else she’s done to her house – right now I think they are working on their deck. They do it all by themselves, too! Busy Busy!

Oh yes, and I want to say good luck to all the people in Texas who are dealing with Hurricane Ike. I haven’t seen too much on the news about it, yet, I’m sure we will later when people can finally figure out what’s going on. We’re thinking about you.