Tree Disaster – June 25, 2013

I’ve mentioned a few times that I have been working on a huge job with my boyfriend; we finally finished that job last week.  Saturday, June 22 to be exact.  We were so happy that it was over!  We were ready to start on a couple new jobs when – DISASTER showed up in the form of a storm.  Here’s what happened to my backyard.

TWO large trees fell, through my stockade fence, on my Versa-Lok wall, on my aluminum pool fence.

On some landscaping, but most was spared.

These are the wonderful guys who cut the tree in pieces so we could get rid of it quicker – the power company didn’t want them to, they wanted to just let it fall where it was and ruin everything.

This was the end of the day on Wednesday, my boyfriend, his son, me and my two kids cleaned it almost all in one day…

The pile that was left to remove from the back.

This is where the trees hit the stockade fence.

The aluminum fence was cruched.

I also have to mention, we had to clean up the guy next door’s yard, as parts of the tree fell in his yard.  And we had to clean up behind the stockade fence.  I always wanted those trees gone, but not this way.

This is why I haven’t been making beads all week in prep for Bead Fest – not feeling it!