Cheese Tray Auction!

My recycled, slumped wine bottle cheese tray with beaded canape set was finally auctioned yesterday, as I mentioned, for my son’s school. It sat at a $17 bid for a while – I was getting nervous. I had put an estimated value on it at $50 because I don’t know what the market is for these things. I made it all in the theme of the Great Event, Under The Sea, so I thought maybe I should have valued it higher, since it was specifically made for the auction. Yesterday was the last day, and YAHOO, it went for $110! I was so happy! I’m glad my donation to the school reached that amount of money, but I’m also glad for personal reasons! Sometimes, as an “artist”, it’s hard to put yourself out there!

Under The Sea

Here’s the photo of my recycled, slumped, wine bottle cheese tray donation to my son’s school. I think it turned out great! This pale blue is so very hard to photograph. I made a dangly charm to go with it with my lampwork beads, seed beads, and silver. I think it turned out great! I hope they get a lot of bids for it! It goes with the canape set I blogged about earlier!

Under The Sea

No beads today, kids were home from school because of Good Friday. I took them to the Carnegie Science Center, to see Under The Sea, the IMAX movie. It was pretty good; it was about 45 minutes long and narrated by Jim Carrey. I have to do some laundry before I can slump another bottle or make any more beads, so hopefully tomorrow afternoon I’ll start a new bottle. The reason is I can’t use the clothes washer and the kiln at the same time, or I’ll blow the electricity! I have a bit of a reprieve since school is also closed on Monday, so I can give them the bottle cheese tray on Tuesday! I think after the next test fire, I’ll be ready to go with the real bottle. My dad had given me an almost empty bottle of Harvey’s Bristol Cream (I don’t even know what that is!!!) and it’s a beautiful cobalt color, with a FLAT bottom, so I might use that one! I’ll let you know! Have a great weekend!

We’re going out tonight to KAYA for my friend Jill’s and the engineer’s birthday celebrations, then tomorrow to a friend’s house for dinner! Sunday is with my brother’s family, so it sounds like a nice weekend over all.

Auntie Kathy, I am thinking about you constantly and hope all goes well!

Test 2

This one came out better – fewer bubbles, so it’s a slow rampup that it needs. I’ll try another before I use the bottle I want to use for the school. I’m going to go with no copper hanger. I think I’ll like that better, too. Sorry if the photo is bad, there are just too many things on my list right now! When I do the final version, I’ll post a pretty picture!

Test 1

Here’s the first test fire of the wine bottle slumping exercise – turned out ok. There are some things that have been fixed so hopefully tomorrow I’ll have another to show! I’m doing tests before I do the bottle I want to do, because it’s the only one I have and I’d have to drink a bottle of wine to get another – oh, wait, how’s that a problem????

The thing sticking out of the neck of the bottle is a piece of twisted copper wire I put in there for a hanger, in case you would want to hang it instead of having it lie flat on the counter or whatever. It’s not an original idea – I don’t remember who I saw that did it. But do you think it’s a good idea? Or would you prefer to have one without the hanger thingy? Personally, after thinking about it, it seems to me that it would get in the way and just mis-shape itself with use, anyways.