Art Elements September Theme Challenge – Foliage

I’ve missed a couple of challenges this year, I’ve been busy working my other job and trying to fit in all those other things you have to do in life, not doing a great job of trying to do everything. But I did manage to get one thing done for the challenge, and start on another! Of course, it helps that we’re going into fall and this theme aligns with some business related things I do!

Caroline chose Foliage for this month, and one of the things I make is enameled leaves.  I used the torch fired method I learned from Barbara Lewis years ago. Here are some collages of leaves I have had available in the last month, and some that may show up in my next FaceBook show. They are all one of a kind.

These are made with brass leaf charms, and depending on the colors, 3-4 layers of enamel. Sometimes the enamel colors react with each other to create cool effects, like the spotty ones. I also stole a pair of leaves just for me, and made these earrings!

I really  really like them! I used some ethiopian brass beads, czech glass beads and small copper and gold rounds. Copper ear wires, which I have to switch out because I am allergic to them! 14k Gold plated for me!

I also started on this cute embroidery project I purchased months (maybe 6 months) ago at a cute store in Morningside called Firecracker Fabrics. They offer sewing classes, fabric, threads, buttons, etc. and also had these embroidery projects and many more. I just bought one to start, and you can see why – just can’t get around to having any alone time to do something like this.

Here it is in the hoop – I didn’t get  a photo of the whole package before I started working on it – it comes with everything you need except scissors. The floss, hoop, etc.

And as of this post, here’s how far I got with it. I had hoped to get the leaves accomplished for the theme (foliage!) but wasn’t able to get it done. I’ll keep plugging away!

I hope you visit everyone else’s blog and see what amazing things these talented people come up with for the theme – I know it’s going to be amazing!

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22 thoughts on “Art Elements September Theme Challenge – Foliage”

  1. I love all those little leaves and their beautiful colors!
    They look so pretty in your pair of earrings.

    Have fun with your embroidering project!

  2. Your enameled leaves are yummy. Despite them having a fall theme, it’s the ones with touches of blue that catch my attention.
    That embroidery project is beautiful. I’m sure you’ll rock it out in no time, but make sure to take some time for YOU in that busy schedule!

  3. I love your enameled leaves; you’ve achieved some terrific color combinations. They are just perfect for fall. The earrings you made for yourself are really cute – I’ll bet you’ll receive a lot of compliments on those.

    Your embroidery project is going to be really cool. Best of luck finding the time to work on it. Not being able to make time for our creativity is certainly frustrating. Been there, done that!

  4. Your leaves are so wonderfully colorful Susan. I especially like the ones in which the colors melted into each other. Sounds like a busy fall for you. Enjoy that sweet embroidery on those chilly nights coming up.

  5. I love to see your new beads Sue! Those leaves are really well done. And I love seeing the progress in your embroidery (that is a lot of detail work!).

  6. Your enameled leaf charms are beautiful. I love how you paired the rich reds with some cooler blue/greens for the earrings. That embroidery kit looks super fun. And time consuming. I hope you find some “you” time to complete it.

  7. NICE!! I love these earring pair! How have I missed these leaves of yours?!? I need some in my stash! I love the mottled look when the enamels combine! They definitely look like Weatern PA fall foliage!

  8. Fab colors on your leaf charms. I like the spottier ones better too! The kit looks like fun! Thats the kind of thing I always think would be fun to do while watching tv. I never get to it – but I think it. LOL.

  9. I love those little enameled leaves! I have to buy some before they’re all gone. They make perfect earrings and they’d also make perfect little dangles from a pendant.
    I really love the embroidery design. Can’t wait to see you finish it!

  10. I love your enameled leaves. Your embroidery is so pretty! I use to embroider and now I am thinking about returning to it.

  11. Isn’t it annoying when “real life” gets in the way of our creative play?? I’m glad that you’re back in action this month, Sue! I love your enameled leaves… especially the spotty ones! I’m looking forward to taking my second torch enameling class later this month.

  12. Your enameled leaves are absolutely gorgeous! I am glad you managed to make a pair of earrings for yourself. The stitchery is going to be lovely.

  13. I love those leaves with their gorgeous colors, Sue, I can totally understand wanting to keep some of them for yourself! 🙂 Great job with the embroidery project so far, too – hope we’ll see it when it’s done.

  14. Those leaves are fabulous, the colors are so vibrant! I’ve been thinking of embroidery lately and probably should buy a whole kit to get myself started. Yours is looking pretty, hope you finish it soon 🙂

  15. I love the items you made for the challenge. The enameled leaves are beautiful and so realistic. I took an enameling class a few years ago but don’t have the equipment to do it at home, so it’s nice to see other people’s work in that medium. Your stitched scene is beautiful as well – I love your aesthetic!

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