52 Weeks – Focus On Life – Week 2 – Pick Your Word

Sally Russick is hosting a weekly photo challenge, Focus on Life, and I am taking part.  This is week 2.  Our prompt was to Pick Your Word.  This is easy this week!!!!!!!  I have been spending any “free” time, meaning I have time and I feel like it, to organize my house.  I have this overwhelming urge to be “moveable”.  Not sure why.  I don’t plan on moving.  I would never get another mortgage at this point!  If I do move, it would have to be cash and a smaller place, for sure!  But thank you Sally for giving me an easy one after last week’s self-portrait!

3 thoughts on “52 Weeks – Focus On Life – Week 2 – Pick Your Word”

  1. Sue – you picked a great word! And one that I actually spent a good portion of the day doing! I got so fed up with the mess in my studio and couldn't procrastinate any longer….so I've been organizing! 🙂
    Looking forward to your pictures – and beads – this year!

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