7000 Bracelets Blog Hop!

Today is the day for the 7000 Bracelets Blog Hop! Back in October I posted about a call for more Blue Bracelets!  You can read that intial post here!   In essence, Lisa James of Global Genes Project was in need of some more blue bracelets to give their families who have a member with a rare genetic disease!  I decided it would be fun to do a little blog hop, to get them some exposure and donations!

Here are the bracelets I made.

I made the closures adjustable, with chain, because the wrist size of the recipient is not known.  I had fun making them and I hope they have fun receiving them!

Here’s a link to their donation page if you feel you can donate a blue bracelet for the cause!

Global Genes Bracelet Donation Page!

And here’s a list of all the participants!  Please stop by their blogs and give them a little love and support!  And THANK YOU to all who participated! 

11 thoughts on “7000 Bracelets Blog Hop!”

  1. Love the bracelets you made. The blue beads are so pretty. Thanks for letting me play in this blog hop :-). I finally managed to post my contribution. Can't wait to mail it off.

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