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August just flew by, didn’t it?  In addition to moving my daughter into a new apartment for college and painting it and generally trying to make it not a slum anymore lol, I took an intensive class at the Glass Center with JC Herrell, took a trip to Scotland with my family, moved Jason’s kids into their dorms at IUP and had a Facebook trunk show on Glass Melters Open Market!   AND it’s time for the August Component of the Month with Diana Ptaszynski.

 As usual, I didn’t take a photo of the component when I got it, but it was this awesome stoneware coin pendant.  My idea didn’t some to fruition (I think I say that a lot); I was going to use one of the bails pictured below, that I found at  Lima Beads.  While they are lovely, the color just didn’t go with the focal or my idea.

 Fast forward panic – what to do?  I really hate gluing bails on pieces of art, but decided in this case if I wanted to get anything done, I would need to go with the flow.  So I found one of these bails in my pile-o-stuff and glued it to Diana’s gorgeous pendant.

 I was initially going to make a multi-strand necklace, but it just didn’t work out that way.  I think if I redid this, I would use size 6 turquoise beads and size 8 bronze beads, just to get the sizing better.  But I do like the necklace!

The colors of seed beads go perfectly!  Please check out what everyone else made by visiting the blogs in this list below!  Thank you to Diana for providing this months beautiful component! And thanks for stopping by!

AJE Team

14 thoughts on “AJE Component of the Month – Diana Ptaszynski”

  1. You know I use the "keep it simple" method often! Sometimes simple is best! I think the beads coordinate perfectly with the pendant! Thanks for participating!

  2. That's a very pretty necklace , Sue.. It's interesting to see how everyone deals with the donut pendant. I have had many inspiring ideas while looking at today's reveal. I have a "ton" of donut beads but have never found the best way to use them.I really like your use of the delicate,blue and bronze Czech beads and your glue on bail looks like it was meant to be!

  3. Beautiful. I love the simplicity of your necklace. It has a Native American vibe to it I think. I can see it being worn with a white shirt and jeans….yet I can see it being worn with a fancy black dress. Excellent job!

  4. And I thought I had a busy August! I felt exhausted just reading your schedule. I can totally relate to ideas not coming to fruition, but in the end your design works just perfectly. I'm a sucker for aged picasso glass, so seeing those beads immediately made me smile. Just gorgeous colors that work perfectly with Diana's lovely pendant. So pretty!

  5. I know you said that this necklace didn't go how you had planned it, but I think it turned out beautifully! The colors are perfect, and I think everything highlights the focal piece well. It's a lovely piece! 🙂

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