AJE Component of the Month – Jenny Davies-Reazor

Over at AJE it’s reveal day for the June Component of the Month!  This month, the wonderfully talented Jenny Davies-Reazor provided us with a pair of components.  Yes, I made earrings!  Jenny makes the most wonderful ceramic goodies, and when she makes jewelry she pairs her components with gemstones!  I love gemstones – if I didn’t make lampwork beads, all of my jewelry would be made with gemstones!  As it was, I tried hard to make some beads to match Jenny’s charms.  Jenny and I have very complimenting beads and components sometimes, and I thought it would be good to show that off.  However, I just couldn’t get a good match and with the work schedule and tree disaster, I decided to go with gemstones!

The charms have an ever-so-subtle hint of brown on them, and so I chose faceted khaki quartz rondelles.

Jenny is very into myth and folklore, so I thought I’d tell you a little bit about quartz.  The name means cross vein one, and has a lot of mythical meaning in Aboriginal culture.  It is also found in passage tomb cemetaries in Europe, most notably in Ireland.  It was used for stone and jewelry carving tools. 

I love Jenny’s work, you should check out her web site, she is an art teacher and is such an interesting person!  Also, visit the AJE Blog to see what everyone else made with their charms!

9 thoughts on “AJE Component of the Month – Jenny Davies-Reazor”

  1. I know you love those gemstones and you do work wonders with them but promise me right now it will never ever stop you from playing with glass! Your earrings are gorgeous!

  2. So pretty! I love how you picked up on the earthy tones by using the brown quartz. It was also interesting to read a bit about this mineral. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sue, this is the perfect color combo in my opinion…love the faceted along with the organic as well. I know your lampwork would have been gorgeous as well, but really love the quartz!

  4. Sue!
    You are so kind – I am positively blushing. Thanks.

    And I couldn't agree more- we are drawn to the same palettes, and our pieces often compliment each other. But you can NEVER go wrong with gems. I love that aqua glaze with the brown quartz tones!!!

    I look forward to hanging out in August at BF!

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