AJE Component of the Month – Jenny Davies-Reazor

It’s time again for the Art Jewelry Elements monthly challenge, and this month, Jenny Davies-Reazor provided us with the component!  She made these amazing escutcheon molded polymer clay pendants, with a word saved inside with resin!  She made this one especially for me, as I am having a few health issues of late.  I always forget to take a photo before I start working on the piece!

Mine was in colors of olive green, verdigris and blue.  I love it!  As I didn’t have any beads in my stash to really match well with the pendant, I had to go to Michael’s to find something.  I found these blue/green glass rounds and they really went so well there was no way I couldn’t purchase them!

 Then I looked down and saw the buddha head beads!  I knew I had to have that as well! 

 I used a turquoise teardrop from my stash as well as titanium hematite beads I picked up at Bead Fest and had the bottom done!

 I’ve also been dabbling in kumihimo lately, since I won an amazing prize package from Beadaholique last year (yes, LAST YEAR) and ordered s-lon cord to make these braids in the colors of the clay pendant.

 The colors of the glass beads also go amazingly well with the cord.  During this process, I figured out a way to make looped ends for the braid without using the caps you normally use with kumihimo braid.  I have no idea if this has been done with cord before, it’s new to me!  I’ll post a tutorial on AJE for it in the future if you’re interested!

 The final piece!  I’m in love!  It’s a long necklace that goes right over your head, no need for a clasp.  And it’s so special because Jenny make the pendant especially for me!

Please stop on over to the AJE blog and see what everyone else made with Jenny’s wonderful pendants!

16 thoughts on “AJE Component of the Month – Jenny Davies-Reazor”

  1. Beautiful! The Buddha head really adds something special to it, and stylistically it really works. I love how long it is–I picture it with a slinky flapper-style tunic dress and a Breakfast at Tiffany's cigarette holder (but with a candy cigarette because smoking's not good for you.) Bravo!

  2. Love those colors! I like how you took the 4-holed pendant to make such a beautiful and meaningful long necklaces. I hope that it becomes a lucky talisman to ward off future health problems for you!

  3. I am sorry to hear that you are having health issues and I hope you heal soon.Your necklace is way cool. I would be interested in seeing how you finished the ends of your kumihimo.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear you have having health issues of late. Thinking about you!
    Your necklace is too cool! First off, the colors Jenny combined for the frame of yours are some of my favorites, but you complimented them exquisitely! The Kumihimo is such a fab idea and I can't wait for you to share how you finished it. (I only learned how to use the caps too.) Awesome job.

  5. Ooh so long! I was wondering is it would dangle in ones cleavage, but I see its longer. Sue – the cord is insane! Stunning! I love it all, and am so excited that it spoke to you! I am gushing – I know but you guys have really done it this time!

  6. I love the way you made a long dangle from the bottom of the focal. It looks very graceful. And the kumihimo just rocks! So cool. Looking forward to the tutorial on how you did the wired finish on it.

  7. Jenny did such a good job picking words for each of us didn't she? I love how you brought out all the colors in the focal in the cord and beads you chose and of course you got me at the tassel/long drop part—I always love that in a necklace! Very nice!

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