Allegedly a Whackjob

Allegedly, there is an alleged person allegedly named U-boat allegedly from Whacko Texas or thereabouts who has allegedly been harassing alleged beadmakers for at least an alleged year. Today, she allegedly decided to pick on me. She allegedly wants you to believe that I don’t pay my taxes. Not true. In Pennsylvania, you don’t have to have a state sales licence until you actually make a sale in the alleged State of Pennsylvania. As soon as I made a sale in the alleged State of Pennsylvania, I filed for and received my state sales license. Any income I have ever made in my alleged life has been reported to the alleged IRS and the alleged State of Pennsylvania. If you ever saw the checks I have to write every quarter, you would agree!!! Therefore, if you hear weird things about me from an alleged weirdo, you may choose to believe them, but they won’t be true. Having said all this, it still doesn’t detract from the quality of my beads or the care I put into making them. All it does is cause some bad karma in the air, and believe me, I believe in karma.

Oh, and get this. She allegedly purchased something from me today, and then asked to be refunded for buying the wrong item. The real reason was to allegedly get information from etsy and paypal about me and my account. Sorry, sister, I’m an open book. I’m one of the most honest people you’ll ever meet.

Oh, and sweetie, thanks for the free advertising!!!!

You may not wish to comment on this blog post, in the case that the alleged person may allegedly decide to pick on you.

3 thoughts on “Allegedly a Whackjob”

  1. Nothing to do with this situation, but I got attacked by a scam artist yesterday AND I recently had someone leave a bogus negative comment about me on Etsy because she didn't like that I left her a neutral comment about the (lack of) speed of her shipping.

    You're right – karma will take care of it, but I feel compelled to say that you make great beads and anyone who has done legitimate business with you knows you are a terriffic vendor!

    Hang in there (allegedly)!

  2. I allegedly feel your pain. I allegedly am a tax evading, unpatriotic, kitten kicking evil doing jewelry maker working all against the state of Texas. I got the cootie bug from ms. U by dipshitsydoodle on the 16th when I pissed her off. She reported me to the texas comptroller on the 17th, blogged about me on the 20th and I got a visit from Ye Olde Tax Lady on the 22nd.

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