Another Purchase!

Here’s another purchase I made while on vacation! Beth Hemmila, from HINT, on etsy, makes the most beautiful charms. I have been eyeing them for a while, and finally decided to buy one! This one is called happiness. I just love it!

Later, I should have my first beaded bead that’s good enough for sale in my etsy store! It’s a really pretty blue one – when it’s ready, I’ll let you know!

5 thoughts on “Another Purchase!”

  1. Sue, I could swear that you are on your own personal economic stimulous crudsade. I love Beth’s work as well. And I’m looking forward to seeing the new beaded bead. I’m afraid I would never have the patience to do those.

  2. I do love the hint charms, I would love a pair to make earrings! LeAnn- you are right, I am spending too much! the lady at the savannah bead store said the same thing!!!

  3. Sue, this is scary. I just purchased (yesterday)the hummingbird from Hint. I love her charms too! Looking forward to your Etsy reveal.

  4. Sue, I feel like a little fly on your wall. What fun to hear everyone enjoying charms from Hint. I’m glad you love this little bird and really appreciate you sharing it with your readers! If you have something finished with it, I’d love you to add it to our growing Flickr Hint Gallery:

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