Art Elements February Theme Challenge – Birds of Prey

Cathy Mendola chose Birds of Prey for the theme this month, and it’s a pretty awesome theme. You are going to see some amazing work by my team members and the guests who have participated this month! I had plans of doing more than I did, as indicated by the purchases I made for the projects I had in my head. However, I have been doing some work in my house, so whenever time permitted, meaning after work and weekend hours, we were pretty much doing the room renovations. One of them is going to be my study/studio, and I seem to be foiled at every move by trying to get some work tables. So I have only one small project to show you this month.  But first, the purchases!

This first Bali carved owl totem I got from fifirosedesigns on etsy – I wanted to make a mold and make my own cabochon to use in a necklace. However, I really did get around to doing that. So, I purchased the owl heads below.

These owl head cabochons are from ArtisticVariations84 on etsy – they are just fantastic, but arrived too late to make anything in time for the challenge. So they will wait until I have time to do something fabulous with them! Finally, I purchased some owl resin cabochons in the picture below.

These resin cabochons are from NixCreations on etsy – I couldn’t decide on which one I wanted so I ordered 5! It’s hard to see them in the photo, because we actually have a sunny day today. So, to make a short story long, here is what I made!

I chose the one I felt to be the most colorful, because I am really suffering from this winter this year. I used cup chain, which is probably my new favorite thing to do, to add color and texture. And then I just went with colors that spoke to me as sunny and fun! I hope you enjoy my post today, and hope you’ll check out what everyone else made – I guarantee there are many awesome things to be seen!

Team Members: 
Cathy You’re here!

18 thoughts on “Art Elements February Theme Challenge – Birds of Prey”

  1. You choose some great colors for your piece to distract from winter!
    And you made some wonderful purchases, they look like they will bring big fun playing with them.

  2. Oh you bought some lovely pieces. I can't wait to see what you make. But those colorful cabs are the perfect antidote to the winter doldrums. You chose the perfect colors for your beading. I love seeing cup chain used with beading. It really adds some extra zing to it!

  3. Oh, I know how renovations can be such a time suck. Here's hoping it all comes together soon. I love that totem and cannot wait to see what you make with it, but the piece you were able to get done is fabulous. I love the pops of color. It does feel happy and summery! I hope it lifted your spirits!

  4. You got yourself a wonderful selection of owl beads! I also had to go and have a look at the etsy shops myself! I am curious what you will do with them in the future and I can imagine cool creations using the owl totem to create molds with it! The beaded piece is really cool. Especially since seeing the cabs, I thought they look interesting but the colors are a bit overwhelming for me. But as soon as you used the one to create a beaded piece, it came together and I love it now!

  5. Oh I love the colours in the piece you have chosen. I too am a SAD sufferer, although the unprecedented heat wave spell here in the UK has been a real tonic for that, but for the same reasons I love colour to brighten up a grey day. Can't wait to see what you do with the 'owl twins' I really like those πŸ˜€

  6. Ooh I love all of your purchases, Sue! And those colors are brilliant indeed – a perfect remedy for winter! (And a reflection of the fiery summer that's started here in Bangalore for us. πŸ™‚ )

  7. Good luck on your room renovations.
    I love all the pieces you purchased, but I love the beading you did around the owl cabochon. It makes the owl really stand out and the colors remind me of spring (which I am so ready for).

  8. Hi Sue. I'd never heard of ArtisticVariations, but I went to her website and Wow! Good thing they were all cabs, which I really can't use, or my wallet would be hurting right now! I love your color choices for the beaded resin cab. This winter has been hard on me too.

  9. Oh Sue you found some owl treasures! I am sorry they arrived too late for this month – it is a short one. Hopefully they will spark you r creativity in your new studio! Love the colorful, exuberant piece you beaded!

  10. I love what you did with the cab and the rest look like there will be more in different colors πŸ™‚ I'm sure your art bead finds will turn into amazing jewelry!

  11. How frustrating to have so many plans without the time to accomplish them! All the purchases are really amazing. Those cabs are really fun though. I love what you did with the one. I never would have thought of using cup chain like that. It's stunning!

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