Art Elements July Theme Challenge – Flowers

Marsha chose this month’s theme, Flowers. You may have seen my “flower wall” photos before – I make these flowers using a method called frit casting, and have posted about it over on the AE blog previously. Here are some photos in case you haven’t seen them.

These past two months have been so hot here, and I am finding myself less and less tolerant of heat the older I get, so it was a perfect time to use my kiln for frit casting. I don’t have to sit in front of a hot torch or kiln, all my work for frit casting is on the front end! I got busy making more flowers. I plan on selling them at a market close to my house, if I ever get finished with the prep work. Here are some photos of my recent makes.

I also had an idea to make a wall decoration using some “pride flowers” I made. The idea is to get some reclaimed wood, attach the flower and attach a hanging chain. That part didn’t get finished before the deadline, but I’ll post photos when I get it done.

Here are more pride flowers. I was thinking they would make a good wall hanging as well, but I’m also just considering listing them for sale or taking them to the market this way and offering them individually. We’ll see…. If anyone is interested, the flowers are $40 each and would be shipped priority due to their fragile nature.

I also have some more random experimental flowers I made. It’s hard to make “experimental” things because these flowers use SO MUCH FRIT! It feels like a waste if it comes out of the kiln and I don’t like it. I have to remember that just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean someone else won’t. So here are the remaining flowers.

I hope you enjoyed my flowers. I had really hoped to get the major project done, but just couldn’t get to it in time. Hopefully soon and them I’ll post it. Thanks Marsha for a great theme! Thanks for stopping by! As this is a blog hop, you can see what everyone else made by following their links below!


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20 thoughts on “Art Elements July Theme Challenge – Flowers”

    1. Thanks Jill! That’s why I love my flower wall so much! I love to sit out there and look at it!

  1. They are wonderful, I love all the colors!
    First I thought the red one with the yellow center (second flower in the post) was my favorite, but there they kept coming, and now I really couldn’t say!
    They would look wonderful in any garden.

    1. Thanks Cat! I do love the red ones – seems with frit casting the red is better than if you’re torching it.

  2. I love your collection of flowers on your fence. You have the best flowers for a hot summer–ones that don’t need water! I love lights in a garden too. Your garden and flowers are a winner.

  3. Thanks for participating this month Susan! I had no idea of the scale of these – so cool!!! And that they are translucent when held up to the light is one of my favorite things. You’ve got such a great eye for color and I am delighted with the display of them on your fence. And yes – having things go into a kiln is probably much easier than sitting at a torch in this mid-summer heat. Beautiful work Susan!

  4. I love your flowers for the garden wall. I especially love the idea of the rainbow pride flowers. I think mounting them on wood would be a great idea. Of course selling them individually is also nice. I would think they would sell really well.

  5. Oh my goodness, those are AWESOME! I love the size and colour of them, all together they make an impressive garden of flowers. I can see some on them on metal spikes/poles, a real sculpture in the garden effect. Love them!

  6. Your glass flowers are completely gorgeous. If I had a garden wall I would need at least one of each color – including the “experimental” ones – to display the way you have on a fence or wall. They’d look amazing in a solarium too. Or, really, anywhere.

  7. It’s nice to have a focal point in the garden to just sit and be revitalized just looking at them. I bet that corner is nice at night too with the light effects on your glass flowers.
    I really like the flowers that look like Mums.

  8. Heavens – how magnificent it must be to have the rainbow of flowers wrap around the pool area! Live the pride flower set! Hope they sell like hotcakes!

  9. These flowers are gorgeous!! They make my heart beat a little faster with their beauty. I love that you have a whole fence covered in them. I’m sure they’ll sell like hotcakes!

  10. I love these flowers and your garden wall full of them. I’m sure that they will be a hit at the market you’re bring them too. They are just so bright and happy… brings a smile to my face!

  11. Those flowers are so fantastic! They look so cheerful hanging up along your fence! And when you hold them up to the light – wow!

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