Artisan Clay Design Team

YAY! I was one of the people picked to be part of Kristie Roeder’s Artisan Clay Design team! This photo is one I stole from her blog! She makes beautiful beads like this one – check out her etsy store too! She’s going to send us an item, and we have a few weeks to make something with it before we reveal what we made! She’s also going to have some guest jewelry makers every month! Here are the members of the design team:

For this round, she put some photos up on facebook and we got to tag the bead with which we want to work! This is great for me, as it will force me to make at least one piece of jewelry each month! Thank you Kristie, I can’t wait to get started!

4 thoughts on “Artisan Clay Design Team”

  1. Congratulations, Sue! I can't wait to see what you make. (And we get to see something new every month!)

    I have always had great respect for glass bead makers. Last weekend I took a 2 day lamp working class, my first time with glass. Whoa! My respect for all of you beautiful bead makers is even greater!

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