Band Concerts

My kids both recently had their band concerts – my son plays the clarinet and my daughter plays the bass saxophone and the alto saxophone. They are both first chair in their respective instruments! I am so proud of them. Here are some photos from their concerts. The first one is my cute son – he’s right in front! The second one is my daughter – since they tend to put the big instruments further back, I need to point out that she is the blondie. You can catch a glimpse of the giant baritone sax on the far right of the photo!

In other news, I had fun making some focals yesterday and today – I’m more thrilled with the ones today (although you never know until they actually come out of the kiln) but hopefully I’ll have some up for sale tomorrow.

The engineer was evacuated out of his building today because of a bomb threat – second week of school. I don’t know what’s up with these college students these days – this never happened when I was in college. Only on planes…

2 thoughts on “Band Concerts”

  1. What a wonderful job! First chair for both kids, you must be doing something right. Can I borrow your parenting manual?

    I'm really diggin' the new focal pieces especially the turquoise. Beautiful work!

    Oh, just let me know about lunch. We are way overdue.

  2. Sue, photos of your children playing music is just wonderful to see. I think learning music is so good for kids in so many ways. Scary about the bomb threat and really does make you wonder doesn't it. Can't wait to see your new focals. The one you posted the other day was divine!

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