Bead Fest Philly – Bead Swap

I’m finally getting around to post about Bead Fest, and I thought it might be nice to post about my Bead Swap first. Diana, from Suburban Girl Studio, organized the Bead Fest Bead Swap and assigned us all partners, as well!  My partner was Kathleen Lange Klik from Modern Nature Studio.  She’s so sweet.  She’s a great photographer and we talked for awhile about that since my daughter is so into photography.  Here are the beads she gave me, in no order:  Unicorne, FireFly, Elaine Ray and Marsha Neal.

Then Flame Craze, Javanese, Green Girl, Humblebeads and Captured Moments.

She made this felted bead all by herself!  It was a labor of love, I’m sure!

But the most special one that she gave me was this one – she took this photo on a trip to St. Lucia and made it into this lovely pendant!  It’s so special, she made it just for me! 

Bead Fest was a lot of fun, and I’ll return with some more photos of goodies on Sunday – now I have to go get ready for the Phantom of the Opera Blog Hop which is tomorrow, and the Challenge of Travel, which is Saturday.  Good luck to me….

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