Bead Soup

I joined the Bead Soup Blog Party again, as I mentioned, Margot Potter is my partner. I received her beads today, so I thought I could show you what I sent her and what she sent me. I sent her what felt to me to be an Asian mix, reds and blacks, lampwork, enamel, and others. She sent me a teal/amber mix! When Lori said we might not get what we are used to, that’s me! I never really work with these colors, so it will be a challenge, but I already have some ideas floating around in my head, so that’s a really good thing! I’m excited to find the time to get started!

5 thoughts on “Bead Soup”

  1. OK. Let's try again… Both mixes have beautiful leads in their own right. Sue, your mix does have an Asian Flare to them. There is a definitive lead to them. while the other group strikes me to be very Organic, leaning in a total opposite direction! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT IS TO BECOME…;-D

    Sue, I recently started up my own blog, "Barking Faeries and Blooming I was wondering if you would go and check it out and if you liked it, would become a follower and leave a comment. You see I am a newbie and need all the support I can get!!
    THANKS!! And have fun with your beads-LIZ

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