Bead Table Wednesday

Holy Wednesday, Batman, I forgot to photograph my beads before I put them together today. So here’s my Bead Table Wednesday all finished up. My friend Jill has a birthday today, and her husband asked me to make something for him to give to her – isn’t he so sweet? I have known Jill for years and know pretty much what she likes – I think she is gonna LOVE this bracelet! I know I do, and I am going to have to make one for myself if I can ever find some of the silver beads again, and can afford them at this point!!!!

5 thoughts on “Bead Table Wednesday”

  1. I have a lot of sterling silver large beads. I also have some beads that you can enamel. I tried to do it but was not successful. When I get home I will Take a picture and send to you. Maybe we can do a trade?
    She is going to be one happy friend! Pam

  2. Jill is a lucky friend. The bracelet is great! (But there is nothing great about sterling reaching$39.53 today. Yikes.) Sounds like you should check out Pam's beads ASAP!

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