Bead Table Wednesday Again

I did mention that I would show you my steel wire and round beads! I have a round bead marver and I just love them! These are plain, but I can’t wait to make more and more and more! I love round beads!

4 thoughts on “Bead Table Wednesday Again”

  1. The beads are beautiful. I like that they look almost like old paper in terms of texture and color. Also, oooo, steel wire! I just got some recently, too, but have been afraid to use it because I hear it has problems with rusting. People say using Renaissance Wax to coat it will help prevent rust, but I haven't got up the gumption to invest in any at this point. What do you think? Have you used it before?

  2. Thank you all very much! I have not used steel wire all that much. I have heard it rusts, but I just wonder – I don't plan on getting it wet to begin with, so should I worry? I don't know…!If you use galvanized wire, I guess it won't rust, but doesn't get the same effect…

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