I’ll have some new beads in the etsy store tomorrow – I am kind of caught up in the Haiti disaster – and my other job – and the engineer is hopefully going to process my pics tonight. I have to say, it feels so trivial to be telling you about beads when the people in Haiti don’t even have water. I guess life has to go on – an existential viewpoint, for sure, but a universal truth, as well. Please see my beads in my etsy store and watch for some new ones tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Beads”

  1. Life does go on. Just know there are some great people out there helping out. I have faith that my church was one of the first to get there, they usually are, we are prepared for that and I think it is wonderful!! {I am not bragging just letting you know} They have a special fund we can donate to every Sunday and so we bring in funds all year just for such an occasion. When I first joined this church I was literally amazed at how well organized they are just for such things. They were the first there when the Tsunami hit a few years ago. I love my church.

    Thanks for caring so much!!

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