Beads 2011 and Happy Easter

OMG! I received a copy of Beads 2011 in the mail yesterday – I failed to notice that on the label it said “Advertising.” I thought it was the copy I ordered for myself. It wasn’t – it was my copy from the magazine because, are you ready? I.AM.IN.IT!!!!! I was so excited! I can’t believe it. I hadn’t heard from them so I just assumed I wouldn’t be in it and decided to try again next year! So imagine my surprise! I have some enameled pieces in the issue, plus a lampworked bead I made that resembles the ocean – one of my signature beads! I just had to post about it, I am so happy!!! And there are so many wonderful beads in this magazine, by so many wonderful people that you all know!

Also, Happy Easter to everyone!

19 thoughts on “Beads 2011 and Happy Easter”

  1. Congratulations! I guess that means I may be getting an issue in the mail! I hope so. A few people have mentioned that I have a few pieces in it, so I can't wait!!

    Happy Easter!

  2. Girl, you're not just in it, you're all over it!!! I love the pieces that you have in there because they really represent your style and your growing span of "fire" work!! Congrats!!

  3. Congratulations Sue! What a wonderful treat to be surprised like that. I am so happy for you. Now I am longing even more for the copy I ordered last week. Hope it doesn't take too long for it to arrive. All my best!

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