Beads in the Etsy Store

It was quite the busy weekend, so I didn’t get to make any new beads. Made some today for the Bead Cruise giveaway goodie bag, an order I got in over the weekend from someone in Pittsburgh, my mom’s birthday bracelet to match the earrings I gave her, and the etsy store. But meanwhile, there’s still some pretty beadies waiting for new homes in the SueBeads etsy store! Take a look! Also, answer my poll at the right if you have a chance!

My son had his 2nd Degree Black Belt (e-dan) test this weekend (which I think he nailed!), the kids had a zoo class and polar bear lecture, and we went to dinner and had friends over on Saturday night. My son also had his People to People Student Ambassador interview (where he was accepted!) for his summer trip to England and France! He’s so proud of himself. In addition, he has the lead role in his class holiday play this year. It’s a modern version of A Christmas Carol and he plays the Scrooge character! To top it all off, he got on the high honor roll at school!

8 thoughts on “Beads in the Etsy Store”

  1. busy weekend – understatement! but filled with good things so that helps… congrats to your son for his accomplishments and to your family for the support you provide… my daughter has the study abroad bug right now too! :0) the beads are gorgeous!

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