Beads on Vacation!

Nope, that title doesn’t mean what I’m sure you think it means – that I’ve been on vacation from making beads.  I have been on vacation, but the bead making has continued.  I have been trying to make inventory for Bead Fest Philly in August!  I will make a post with a free coupon for entry, and my booth number, and some shots of my inventory so far, but this is just a bead porn post about some beads I bought while on vacation!

I went to Hilton Head Island for 10 days (as I usually do in the summer) and there’s a bead shop there called High Tide Beads.  It’s a small store, but nice.  They go to Tucson every year and stock up on on some cool beads, and show some nice lampwork beads from various artists – I hope to make it into their shop as well.  

 I picked up these gorgeous faceted “angelite” beads – I never heard of this before, looks like a rutillated quartz to me – does anyone know?  Anyways, they are a gorgeous blue!

 Then these patty pan squash shaped turquoise beads – they called them squash blossoms – aren’t they just so awesome?  A bit pricey for me, but I splurged.  Have no idea what I’ll do with them, but I loved them too much to walk away!

And finally these carved bone beads.  They are very pretty and of course, I just had to have these as well.  There are 32 each on a strand – don’t know, but thinking I made have to offer some up for destash- I’ll let you know.

For the past three days I have been taken out by what can only be described as a monster, sickening migraine.  I hope to get back to normal tomorrow, because I have to be a bead-making machine for the next month, for Bead Fest.  I hope to get back to normal posting as well – for the past three months, my life has not been anywhere near normal, so I am hoping that changes a little bit!

5 thoughts on “Beads on Vacation!”

  1. Oh I am soooooooo excited because now I not only get to see your beads in person I will get to meet you!!!!!! See you at Philly!!!!!!

  2. I have some angelite beads. Apparently it's also known as Blue Anhydrite, a form of Celestite that has been under compression (like carbon/diamonds) for millions of years. Not sure how accurate that information is, I'm not familiar with Celestite? Anyway it looks gorgeous and I love the facets.

  3. Migraines suck. I hope a good night sleep tonight will do the trick for you, and that you wake up pain free in the morning. (But then do you get that migraine hangover thing of spaciness and exhaustion? That always follows the end of a migraine for me)
    Good luck. You have some fun creating times coming up!
    xoxo B

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