I made these buttons a long time ago, you may remember a post about them. They aren’t real buttons in that they aren’t big enough to actually use on a knitting project, or even for clasps for bracelets, but you can use them for decorations. I can see a cute knitted hat, or a bracelet bead, or something like that. They are for sale in my etsy store. I’ll be making more soon!

Both kids are off to school and I am going to take a walk (I think!!!) and make some beads. Then it will be time for a very busy afternoon and evening – soccer game, saxophone lesson and special black belt class.

8 thoughts on “Buttons”

  1. dang me and the stupid budget I put myself on :o) you have a lot of cute beads in your shop right now…hopefully, some of them will still be there on Friday (when I get my fun money)… :o)

  2. I love the new beads you have put in your store. I am waiting for some money to come in before I can get some more. I can't wait to try out the glass studio here in town, I can not wait to try making more it was so fun 🙂


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