Clasp Happy!

Usually, when I make jewelry, I want to make the beads stand out – after all, I make beads! Of course I want my beads front and center! But sometimes, a clasp needs to be the center of attention and the beads just go with. Recently, I discovered A Grain of Sand, an on-line store owned by Suzanne Branca. She was just featured in this month’s BeadStyle Magazine, on page 64. She has a great shop – I love her vintage finds! I especially love the clasps I just bought from her, pictured above! The turquoise one has a plan already – a spectacular bracelet and the clasp is going to be front and center! The other two were “I need them” purchases and will tell me what they want to be later! In the meantime, you should visit A Grain of Sand – you’ll love her finds!

7 thoughts on “Clasp Happy!”

  1. Oh yes. There is something about a special clasp. Well before I discovered the joys of art beads I would buy up all sorts of clasps and AGOS was one of my fave stops. They are each more stunning than the last, and not something you willingly put in the back. I was always challenged to find a way to make that an integral part of the design. These are beautiful examples. Enjoy the day, Sue!

  2. Grain of Sand has long been my "go to" place for special clasps. Make sure you sign up for the e-newsletter – lots of special deals and alerts to when new stuff comes in. That turquoise clasp is da bomb!

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