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The lovely Rita of Toltec Jewels is hosting a blog hop today, The Color of Dreams, and Patricia Handschuh of The Color of Dreams on etsy provided the beads!

Here’s the bead I received – as usual, I didn’t take a photo of it before I made something!

 I was going to go for the obvious, which to me was to make a bracelet, but my imagination just wasn’t cooperating.  So I thought I’d make a key chain!  I wanted to use blue leather cord I had, but the hole in the bead was too small.  That’s ok – I used Beadalon and all went well! 

 I strung a random assortment of seed beads on the cord, and ended with a blue leaf.  The blue leaf because the design in the bead is leafy to me!

So, what are my dreams as of late?  I would have to say my business getting better and better, and being able to travel again.  My business getting better and better would be so great, because I have one child in college right now, and in two years, I’ll have 2!  So, if you’d like to help on that journey, I have some great beads listed in my etsy store, SueBeads etsy, and made to order on my web site, SueBeads

See what everyone else made!

Artist: Patricia Handschuh

blog:            The Color of

Etsy:             The Color of

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Thomerson           KayzKreationz
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Karla Morgan              Texas Pepper

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Little of That

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Memories Jewelry Design

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Heather Richter             Desert Jewelry

Lori Poppe                   Adventures
in Creativity with LorilliJean

Jayne Capps              
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Glick                Zenith Jade

Kathleen Breeding         99 Bottles of Beads on the

Becky Pancake             Becky Pancake
Bead Designs

Karin Martinez              Fairies

Miranda Ackerley          Mirandack

Penny Houghton           Smelly

Carolyn Lawson           Carolyn’s

Chris Eisenberg            Wanderware
Murrow          Charis
Designs Jewelry

Monique Urquhart        A Half-Baked

Eve Shelby                  Raindrop
Creations Jewelry by Evelyn

Cryss Thain                 Here Bead

Jasvanti Patel               Jewelry By

Nan Smith                   NanMade Handmade

Sue Kennedy               SueBeads
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Gloria Allen                Gloria Allen

Regina Wood              Ginas-Design
Reed                Artistry HCBD
Goovars            MLH Jewelry

Marlene Cupo             Amazing

CJ Bauschka              4 His Glory

Robin Showstack        The Crazy
Bead Hoarder

Cynthia O’Toole          Sparkles and Sweets

Jael Thorp              
  Jael’s Art

Renetha                         Lamplight

26 thoughts on “Color Of Dreams Blog Hop”

  1. I had to chuckle when I read about your having 2 kids in college at the same time. I can relate to. I had that situation and I felt like the U of D had a strangle hold on me. You will get through it!

  2. Oh Sue, I love it! I often think about having some jewelry on my keychain, but it seems that the pieces I choose are heavy, which my husband has warned me against using. This bead certainly fits the bill for lightweight, and lovely!

  3. It was a great idea to showcase Patricia's bead in a smaller design, Sue! I didn't immediately see the leaf pattern, but it was definitely the way to go 🙂 Your design looks awesome 🙂

    [Did you know the holes in baked PC beads can be enlarged? I wouldn't advise practicing on a OOAK, but if you have some wonky critters sitting about, just use graduated drill bits in a pin vise and start with a size very similar to the hole. Gradually work up to the desired size and alternate from both ends of the hole.]

    Hope your shop dreams all come true!

  4. Very pretty key chain. I went for the obvious – a bracelet. I hope you visit fairiesmarket on Etsy or the blog. Keep Creating your designs are great.

  5. Very pretty key chain. I went for the obvious – a bracelet. I hope you visit fairiesmarket on Etsy or the blog. Keep Creating your designs are great.

  6. Very pretty key chain. I went for the obvious – a bracelet. I hope you visit fairiesmarket on Etsy or the blog. Keep Creating your designs are great.

  7. Me first, to comment. Blue was my 2013 color even though my favorite is any shade of orange. I applaud you for such a simple and pretty design for a key chain. It's hard for me to simplify a design I start. It seems to me that your dreams are less complicated than mine. Thank you for sharing your dream with me.

  8. What a great design. I love your beads and think your business will do well. I really like the keychain you made. That way you can keep it with you all the time. And I agree the leaves tie in very well.

  9. I was so excited to see your jewelry! Oh what a lovely key chain, Sue! The soft blues are so pretty, and I like how you used a double Beadalon strand to create two dangles of blue beads & the pretty blue leaves. Your dream is fabulous, to continue to grow your business & expand your art successfully! I'll help it along!

    I purchased all 50 of Patricia's beads for our challenge & sent them out on my own — only after hearing about the hop did she jump in with the pretty set of beads for the giveaway; why tell about this? Because I'd love to feature your art next! And because I love doing this for artists!

    I'd love to buy your beads for our next challenge! I do not accept donations for challenge beads nor hop prizes from artists because in my opinion, artists just don't receive sales often enough nor in great enough amounts for their art! Please think about it 🙂

    And in the meantime, thank you for sharing your wonderful talents with us all and for joining in. I'm so honored you are a part of our hop! Your key chain is delightful, so spring time and pretty, and very charming! xxoo Rita

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