December Art Elements Theme Challenge – White

This month, the theme for the Art Elements Challenge was chosen by Claire and she chose “white”. Perfect for winter and the holiday season! I had all these ideas (I wanted to at least get to a white glass cabochon) but I did get one of the ideas done.

For a long time I have been pondering making a garland for my tree or mantle with my lampwork sugar beads – you may know what these are, but if not, photo is below. Pretty much every lampworker makes them, and at one point I had a pile of them. However, lucky for me I was able to sell them so no more inventory! I still think some type of garland with sugar beads would be a lot of fun, and maybe I’ll do that someday.

I remembered a free tutorial for superduo stars by Deb Roberti of Around the Beading Table. She has many free tutorials, and she also has some awesome tutorials for purchase! She’s actually having a sale right now, too! I hope you visit her link, she’s so generous for providing so many free tutorials!

Anyways, I made a pile of stars using three different combinations of white beads. This was fun, although I had to wait for some to arrive in the mail! I also got to use up some of the beads that I bought multiples of and wondered, why did I do that???? Do you do this too?

I made four of each color combination type, and then strung them up with size 8 beads in between! This was the fun part, seeing it come together!

I’m going to make this a year-long project, and see how far I can get with it. Right now, it’s slightly shorter than 5 feet in length. Below is a photo I took to see what it would look like on my tree.

So, that’s my project for December. Thanks Claire for the idea, it was a good one!

This is a blog hop, as usual, so I hope you visit and see what everyone else made! I also hope you had a wonderful holiday and have a Happy Healthy New Year!

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22 thoughts on “December Art Elements Theme Challenge – White”

  1. How funny!
    A friend used that tutorial as well. I'm not good with tutorials, but thought I'd give it a try, but I have Twin beads that I wanted to use up and they didn't work as well as they are not as regular, so I gave up.

    To make them into a garland like this, though, is a brilliant idea, so pretty!

  2. Oh, I love Love LOVE that star garland!! If you've already for almost 5 feet, I can only imagine how long it'll get by next year!! Wow. What a fun project to take into the new year with you. Here's hoping you have a wonderful 2019!

  3. Yes, I have more than a few times bought multiples of a thing, usually because I lose track of the first one and then find it as soon as I buy another. I have a huge collection of glass pearls for that reason. I hope I one day find a use for them that is as gorgeous as your beaded star garland. Beautiful work.

  4. I think that's a great year-long project. That way, you can keep the Holiday Decoration idea going all year. Heck, you could use the garland with hearts / eggs / anything patriotic / birthdays… anything … Just Brilliant! Alysen

  5. Ooh! Thankfully I placed my bead order before hopping or it would have been lots bigger! These star are fabulous and look amazing on your tree!

  6. You've found a good use for those stars – a garland you could always add more to and it makes for a pretty decoration! I, too, sometimes get inspired by a tutorial and make things that I later wonder how to use. Eventually, I do šŸ™‚

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