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Jessica Murray of Whimsical Monkey hosted an Earring Swap and today is the reveal!  My partner was Alenka Obid of Pepita Handmade!  She makes WONDERFUL polymer clay beads and creations!  Here’s a link to her flickr page where you can see more of her work! 

Here’s what she sent me!  These earrings are made with her own polymer clay beads, aren’t they fantastic?

She also sent me this very pretty little treat:

And here’s what I sent her:

And I sent her this little treat:

And unfortunately, what I mailed her did not arrive in Slovenia yet.  Or, it’s being held up in customs.  I have no idea… I feel pretty bad though.  I will be sending her a new set of earrings if they don’t arrive today.  Please take a look at Jessica’s blog to see who else made earrings!

20 thoughts on “Earring Swap Blog Hop”

  1. Oh, those ruffle earrings she sent you are so cute. And her surprise bead is wonderful. And I love your earrings you sent and the little dangles on them. Hopefully she'll get them today along with your gorgeous beads surprise you sent. My post is up, but I still didn't have my earrings when I left Thursday. Hoping they're there when I get home and I can add the pis real quick.

  2. Very nice work, on both parts. It does take a long time to ship internationally. Thanks you for blogging, your's is the first one that had the earring swap posted.

  3. Hi Sue, your earrings are BEAUTIFUL and the set of your lampwork beads are gorgeous as well! I guess somebody stole them … as they still have not found the way to my home. I still hope we will be able to track the package and make it arrive to me!!!

  4. Gorgeous.. Gorgeous… Gorgeous.. I love what your both created for each other. I was in a polish swap group and customs has been a bear to deal with ever since they raised the shipping prices… I hope she gets them soon.

  5. I sure hope your goodies get to her soon! I love those polymer clay beads, I never could get the hang of it. And your lamp-work is phenomenal. Thanks for participating!

  6. Isn't it interesting that both of you made earrings of the same color? Alenka's earrings are very striking. I also work with polymer clay so she's got me intrigued with how she made those!

    Don't worry about the slow mail times. My swap partner Silvia hasn't received hers either. I thought 10 days was enough, but obviously not! Oh well, we must be patient!

  7. You both used such beautiful blue beads! Love what she sent you, as well as what you sent her! Hope she gets her package soon! I am not a fan of international shipping myself lately….

  8. Wow, those are some beautiful earrings you received! And I hope your package shows up today, too! Isn't the post office so frustrating?

  9. Love what you made, Sue and the ones she made for you are lovely! Love those colors! And how sweet that you each included extra treats!

  10. What a fun swap hop, Sue! Looks like you received some pretty treasures…and I especially love the bright colors of the bead set you sent as a gift.

  11. Sue, I love the little earrings you made & the extra "treat"! I hope they arrive safely to their destination. The earrings you received are wonderful as well!

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