Enameled Flowers and Broken Nose Update

This morning after the treadmill and before I took the girl to the ENT to get her broken nose checked, I made some enameled flowers! They are made from flattened bead caps and Thompson enamels and I think they turned out very nice, in all their spring colors! Today is supposed to be the only sunny day of the next 7, so I did take some photos and they will be listed in a bit in the SueBeads etsy store. Some of the photos came out dark, though, so I will try and reshoot! I made some more when I returned from the doctor’s office, too, so there are several sets to choose from! To me, these little charms are screaming to be dangles on earrings or even bracelets!

The doctor said that although her nose is broken, since it is not crooked and not causing her much distress or any breathing problems, that it can just be left to heal on it’s own. She can even go back to softball. Sigh…

5 thoughts on “Enameled Flowers and Broken Nose Update”

  1. I love that you flattened the end caps to make the enameled flowers. They look great! Also very glad to hear your daughter's nose will be okay.
    (Wait, did the flattened nose make you think of flattening the end caps?)

  2. It's always amazing to me just how tough kids are. Cause I bet she would have flung a serious fit if you had suggested giving up sports because of injuries!

  3. @Lori – it's ok, because it's not crooked or impairing her breathing, just hurts a bit!
    @LeAnn – She better not get any more injuries…
    @Barb – well, I did want to flatten something…
    @Shirley – there WAS a fit about going to the ENT, but it was over missing a french test and a meeting about theatre group. She can play sports on Tuesday…yay…

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