6 thoughts on “Fall Inspired Beads!”

  1. Really love the third set! Super cute! You do a good job of making the oranges pretty :o) Orange is just one of those colors that, if you ask me, is either really pretty or really ugly…But, I think you got it just right!!

  2. The first set is gorgeous! Wow!
    I finally finished my necklace and one set of earrings with your beads, and I just love them! I think I might have to buy some more; you've gotten me hooked!

  3. Lovely colours, Sue! You are a magician with colours! And yes, definitely, summer has left the building. I just hope autumn will be more of the Indian summer kind. BTW, I just love those Terrazzo beads – I think I am going to turn into a bead fondler!! LOL

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