Fun and Not Fun

I mentioned that I had been busy cleaning up my basement storage room, and painting it, and tossing things out, and building some shelves. I was all proud of myself and happy happy happy that it finally got done! Things have been let go here for about 5 years and I am finally getting my energy back and my ability to get things done on my own, so I was really happy to have something like this accomplished! I never take before photos, a fault of mine, but here are some afters. We painted the long room with that drylock paint, which is thick and sandy. The floor still needs to be painted, but I sure didn’t feel like doing it after painting those walls. That paint is thick! It’s even more organized now because I got another shelf unit to put up. All in all, I’m quite happy with the progress!

And then…apparently karma struck. My pool liner, which has needed to be replaced and was scheduled for that in the fall, when it’s pool closing time, decided to rip itself a big tear yesterday. Not only did it do that, but it left itself a black hole at the bottom of the tear through which all pool water flows!

Now, one might say, oooh, she has a pool, what is she complaining about???? Having a pool is great; I moved into this house 12 years ago and my children have thoroughly enjoyed having this pool. However, it is a ton of work for a single parent to take care of. I don’t think I’m that strong, either, and to have to vacuum it every day or every other day sure does build your upper arm strength. Also, you have to make sure the chemicals are balanced so you don’t grow algae or make your and your neighbors’ kids sick! It’s not inexpensive, either, to maintain a pool. If you can see in the photo how far the water has gone down, that’s just $5 dollar bills flying away (or floating away!)!!!! And when they bring the new liner, they will have to drain all this water, and then I’ll get to put all new water in the pool to the tune of 25,000 gallons.

Ok, enough complaining Sue, off to the treadmill and to make beads!

4 thoughts on “Fun and Not Fun”

  1. Oh, Sue, that is dreadful timing for your pool with all of this heat right now. I would love to have a pool. But I want a pool boy to come with it so that he can not only fetch me a cool drink but also maintain the thing.

  2. Sorry to hear of this, Sue. A pool does involve a lot of maintenance work… so maybe I should be glad we are having under 60°F weather – no need to cool off…
    Hope you can get things fixed up.

  3. Poor Sue!your basement storage room is perfect now!! you did great work cleaning and painting.. what a pity this swimming pool!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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