Giveaway on Andrew’s Blog

Check out the giveaway on Andrew’s blog today – it’s a giveaway of my beads! I stole the photo that Andrew took, because I forgot to take my own photo when I sent the beads to him! He took such a fab picture anyways! Please note, today until midnight August 31st, you will receive free shipping in my etsy store! I’m going to change the charges this instant!!!! Just leave a comment on Andrew’s blog for a chance to win the beads!

4 thoughts on “Giveaway on Andrew’s Blog”

  1. Thank you so much for donating such lovely components. You've made some really stunning things!

    Are you going to any of the craft fairs this weekend? I think I might head into Pittsburgh on Sunday to check some of them out. I think there's one in Shadyside and there's one in Oakland.

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