The Great Event

Every year, my son’s school has a fundraising event they call, The Great Event. This year was the first year in a long time that I did not attend (crazy medical issues and new book coming out and all made it impossible!!) but I did donate an item again to their on-line auction. The above photo is what I donated – it was fun to make. I have a question for you bloggy buddies – should I start offering these sets in my etsy store? I have a few that have already been melted and just need the canape sets to go along with them. I think they are fun – and something different, especially for the wedding season!

4 thoughts on “The Great Event”

  1. Sue, I love these. I've bought a couple of the slumped wine bottles locally as gifts. What I really like about yours are the beaded canape serving ware that goes with them.

  2. I agree, your beads on the servers are what really put this set above others that are available out there. Makes them more specialer. 🙂

  3. I really like those sets, and I think they would be great offerings for your shop. 🙂

    Is everyone writing a book but ME? I wanna write one too… 😉

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