Gum Drops!

Hi everyone – new beads in the etsy store – Gum Drops! They are really cute – as you can see, they look just like gum drops! Don’t give them to small children, though! You could make a cute holiday bracelet out of the set, or order more for a necklace or lots of earrings to sell at your craft fair! Speaking of which, a reminder that I will be taking all my inventory to a craft fair at the beginning of December, so please purchase what you want from the etsy store inventory in November. This also includes all the scrabble tiles.

BTW, I have been getting several special city requests from people for the scrabble tile maps. I really have fun doing these – they would be fantastic stocking stuffers! Let me know if you want one in a particular city. I also have lots from places all over the world! I’ll be putting some up soon, but they will go to the craft fair as well.

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