Happy Accident!

Months ago, I took a class at ArtBliss given by Barbara Lewis of Painting with Fire. It involved learning how to make torch-fired enamel beads. I loved it – as you may be able to guess. Barbara did teach us how to fuse items into a flat pendant, but we didn’t spend a lot of time on that process, as the day seemed to go so fast! I was making enameled pieces the other night, and due to my own ineptness (remember the big toe burn???) I was able to fuse these two pieces together totally by accident. Now of course, it isn’t a usable piece. However, now that I know how to do it, I can see some pieces like this in my future! I can’t wait to get more copper cutouts!

7 thoughts on “Happy Accident!”

  1. Happy accidents are the best. I can see how you might progress with this idea. Burnt toe? I've been away so much, I missed that. But if it is any consolation at all I have a couple of nasties on my face from acid splashes. Don't ask. But I think bottom line is we all need to look after ourselves in the studio. Take care and follow up the happy accident!

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