Home Again…

We made it home! The drive wasn’t so bad, except I ended up with a miserable cold (thanks engineer) and the engineer had a roadside stop because he didn’t feel well – I will spare you the details! I didn’t sleep all night, so I’m not making beads today. Too dangerous to put your hands in a flame and a kiln when you can’t even see straight.

As you know, I bought some great beads in Hilton Head and Savannah while I was on my spring break! I did some etsy shopping while I was away, too. I will just show a couple of things each day, since I can’t figure out how to do the darn corel draw mosaic thing.

The first things I will show you are some polymer clay pendants from Sharon of LiveWireJewelry. She’s located in PA, too, and just recently opened up her etsy store. I have been following her and she has been following me in blogland, and we each purchased from each other – which is really cool! I really like the pendants – I can see my earth-toned lampwork beads with the Red Tibet one. I also know what I want to do with the Tree pendant, of course including my own lampwork beads as well! Sharon also makes jewelry – you should check out her shop!

I also bought a really great set of porcelain buttons from LeeAnn at Summers Studio. She makes beautiful things, but I did have my eye on these buttons for a while, so finally decided to buy them! I have no idea what I’m going to do with them. I still don’t knit (even though I wish I could stand it – it kind of drives me nuts!) so they won’t be gracing any handmade sweaters. I do like the big one for a focal piece on a necklace, with my lampwork beads. That’s probably what will happen to it. The others will tell me what they want to do when they are ready!

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