How About A Giveaway?

I think it’s time for a giveaway! These 8 beads were made from clear glass and turquoise trail frit – a frit no longer in production, so they’ll even be collectable!!!! How about that??? They were made on a 3/32″ mandrel, so they can go on cord or other such stringing materials! Just leave a comment on this post only – let’s see, why don’t you tell me what colors you are working with right now? I’ll draw one name randomly on Wednesday, October 21st around 8pm. Anyone in the world can play, but please only one comment per person!

27 thoughts on “How About A Giveaway?”

  1. I am using a lot of teal and turquoise right now. I am starting to branch out into more reds and oranges though which is inteesting for me since I am a real green nut!!
    Thanks for the chance to win 🙂


  2. Ooh – pretty beads! I have been working in blues and greens and throwing a little brown into the mix here an there…That seems to be my "standard" color pallet…I break out every once in a while, though :o)

  3. I just finished a necklace with turquoise and lime greens, and I'm getting ready to work on a necklace with purple and yellow! Definitely not my normal colors, so we'll see how it goes! The beads you posted are my favorite color 🙂 I have to force myself to use other colors. Thanks for the giveaway!!


  4. I'm using cobalt blue, turquoise, the green in your post, and pale blues – but as my seasons are opposite to yours that might explain my current palette(as I'm in Australia and its spring).. Vicki

  5. I was working on fall colors browns, orange, green and blue. I had those colors in my kiln and the power went out. We lost it for 15 hours. I guess these babies get to be annealed again. Turquoise and lime green are my favorite colors to work with.

  6. Great color – one of my favorites. I am working on something about the same color with some black,and coppery seed beeds. Also some red creek jasper in another project. I used to live in So.Ca and do miss it sometimes – am in VA now.

  7. They look like beads that would be perfect for an ocean themed necklace or bracelet. I'm not working with a lot of color now, unless you count silver and copper metal. Those beads would look great with copper, by the way.

  8. what a lovely colour!
    I've been working with fall colours recently but I am starting to move into whites, silvers, crystals and little hints of blue for the winter and these are so beautiful.

  9. I'm working on a rose-colored necklace for my daughter's school picture outfit. I would love to have some of this lovely blue to work with too!

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