How about a Poll?

How about another poll? I used to sell on ebay, but with many changes and business going down there for a while, I stopped. Now it seems that business is picking back up for beads on ebay, so I was wondering: Do you buy beads on ebay? I’m trying to decide if I should give it a try again. Take a minute and answer my poll, if you like! Thanks!

9 thoughts on “How about a Poll?”

  1. I used to be into eBay, but I got tired of all of the "snipers" who hang out and wait and outbid you at the last second. I have bought a couple of beads from eBay, but only because they had a "Buy Now" option and I couldn't get them anywhere else…

  2. I use to purchase all my lampwork off ebay but I no longer purchase anything from ebay just because I don't care for the bidding process. I do like the buy now function but I pretty much purchase everything off etsy.

  3. I used to be an ebay bead queen, but have stopped shopping there since I discovered Etsy. I really prefer just being able to buy what I want and not have to wait for days or sit and monitor the last few seconds of a auction to make sure I don't get "sniped."

  4. I always bought my beads from you on Ebay…didn't know you weren't there anymore. I'll look for you on Etsy now. I always buy "buy it now" anyway.

    The Beaded Cat
    Lavender Echoes

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