Large lentil with hand-pulled twistie, given some twists!

Remember that ketchup song from the 70’s (yes, dating myself, ohwell!)? That’s how you should say this word. I was going to sell at the Pittsburgh Glass Center this weekend, until I received an email and saw who I would be sitting next to – Mike Mangiafico, Karen Leonardo, Diana Dugina-Reibling… I decided not to do it. I think it may have been a mistake, but I already told them I’m not coming. I have a new friend who has an artist husband; she told me he says my stuff is good! My other friends have told me my stuff is good. Why don’t I feel that way? I don’t know. But it’s a new challenge for me, to figure this out! Thanks for listening!

9 thoughts on “I N T I M I D A T I O N”

  1. Sue, I think your stuff is terrific! I also think although at times it may be scary, that you have to put yourself out there to truly know, and everytime I have done this, I always find in the end “what was I worried about”? BELIEVING IN YOURSELF is the key!!

  2. You are an artist who creates beautiful work…go for it! Share your gift with the world–people crave beauty in their lives and you provide that beauty in the form of your wonderful beads.

  3. Oh Sue, tell that inner critic to be quiet. Your beads are beautiful. Can you still do the show? Don’t be intimidated. Hugs and lots of understanding, LeAnn

  4. I know the feeling Sue, I am really picky. I have a “bad bead bowl” that I donate to a charity sale every year and it is empty by the end of the sale. Everyone sees beauty in a different way. If you are having fun, that is all that matters.

  5. Sue, this is my first visit to your site and when I saw your squeezed Nebula beads my thought bubble read, “Wow!” And then I read more of your blog and I saw your “Intimidation” post. Is any artist really satisfied with their work? I know as soon as I make something, I’m on to the next something — which will be better! We work with the hope that the next work will be better. When you have an opportunity to be with people of the calibre of those mentioned — don’t shy away. Go as a student! Run toward opportunity! You’ve heard the saying, “We are our own worst critic.” Your work is fabulous — keep at the torch because that’s where all the answers are. Nice talking to you!

  6. Sue! It’s in the air. I posted something on my blog today about feeling challenged, how to measure success. Don’t limit yourself … if you hold yourself back, the beauty that only you can create won’t be available to the world!

    Now if I can just take my own advice, LOL!

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