I need a new camera

Here’s a photo I took of the bracelet I whipped up today. It’s made from some beautiful turquoise I got at a bead store in Savannah – they had just got it at a bead show. It’s more green than the photo shows. It’s accented by 5mm sterling saucer beads and a paisley toggle clasp from Fusion Beads. I like it a lot! When the engineer isn’t busy later, I’m going to see if he can look at my camera and tell me what’s up with it!

5 thoughts on “I need a new camera”

  1. Pretty bracelet! I have the camera conversation with my husband every couple of months…I am on my second one in the 10 years we've been married – my first one wigged out on my while I was in Canada for work, so he got me a new one while I was gone…And, go figure, when I got home it worked fine for him…But, now, every couple of months, I am ready to throw my current camera at a wall…Then, he comes in and talks me back (closer) to sanity…I do fine with most electronics, but cameras are not my thing!

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