July Art Bead Scene Challenge

Here’s the July Art Bead Scene Challenge – the Lascaux Cave Paintings. I am so excited – I was actually there! When I was in college, I spent a summer in Toulouse France at the Dickinson College Study Center. We were the first summer group – we had a blast! We would work all week, then take weekends and run around the south of France with our very cool professors. This was one of the side trips we took. You can’t go into the caves anymore – people who were taking photos were ruining them. It was so amazing to think how old these paintings were, and I consider myself extremely lucky that I got to see them – even if I didn’t appreciate it at the time! I hope I can come up with something to make this month. Right now, I have to go do tons of laundry, and try to get my brain back from jetlag! Hopefully later I’ll be able to post a few more of my photos! The engineer took the best ones, of course, so I need to find his too!

Please see my etsy store for some SALE items!!!!! More will be marked on sale later, when my brain gets a little less foggy!!!!

3 thoughts on “July Art Bead Scene Challenge”

  1. So nice to have you back – and so awesome that you actually saw those paintings!!!! That is something I am genuinely jealous of!! But what a great idea for a challenge!

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