Kristi Bowman Design Copper Component Blog Hop!

Welcome to Kristi’s first blog hop! She made some of her beautiful copper components, and invited us to purchase one and come up with a design and then do a little bloggy hop to see what everyone made! I love her work, as she knows, so I was right on it. I picked the sea urchin style which is just gorgeous! I used her piece as a connector, front and center, and made the little copper clasp. Which I don’t like and will change… (hmmmm, I see a little pattern here).
I made some beads that I think go amazingly well with the copper piece she made. They bring out the colors in her piece, and her piece brings out the colors in my beads! A perfect combo!
Here’s my finished piece. I really like it, except for the copper clasp I made, as I mentioned. I was under a little time crunch because I have a show today that I am not ready for but I’ll definitely come up with a better clasp.

Here’s a list of everyone else who is participating – check out their blogs and see what they made! I will be visiting everyone’s blogs tomorrow, but may be a little late as I expect to be totally swamped with customers clamoring for my jewelry and other items at the show! LOL!

Sue Kennedy You are here!

Lana Kinney is sharing on Kristi’s blog.

27 thoughts on “Kristi Bowman Design Copper Component Blog Hop!”

  1. Not only are your bead colors gorgeous, but I can't help but imagine that bracelet on my wrist. It would have a satisfying weight, and you beads would move on the arm well, no twisting, jangling. Love it!

  2. You know I love your lampwork and these beads are no exception, they are gorgeous! I hope you are swamped with customers today at your show too! If I was there I would no doubt be adding to my stash!

  3. A gorgeous bracelet! I love the beautiful beads you made to showcase the focal. And really, I like the clasp since it lets the focal stand out, but maybe it could be a bit heftier….

  4. Hi Sue…first, I hope you are having a great day at your show!
    Your bracelet is so beautiful. I love that you made your own lampwork beads to complement Kristi's clay focal. ..those beads are just scrumptious! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Sue, the bracelet is beautiful! The beads you created are prefect and I love the little copper disc components. Beautifully done!

    I hope you have a great day at the show!

  6. Your beads really are a perfect compliment to the copper component. While the copper piece is definitely the focal, your beads add quite a bit of interest to the bracelet. Wonderfully done!

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