I never thought I was a lucky person – my brother was the luckiest person I ever met. He was always winning things – a 500 gallon (not really but it was big) fish tank, a jet ski, stuff like that! Not me – I got third place in a math contest once at my school and that’s about the only thing I can remember “winning.” But ever since I joined the bloggy world, I feel lucky! I have met some very nice people, and I have actually won some giveaways as well! I thought it was high time I showed some of them here, and maybe you’ll visit their stores as well!This pendant is from Lynn Davis, of expeditiond on etsy; first off, I photographed it upside down – sorry Lynn, very very sorry! Anyways, she was having this giveaway on her blog, and I won it! I can’t wait to make something with it, with my lampwork beads of course!

This next one is a bottle cap pendant and art card from Kerry Bogert of Kabs Creative Concepts; on her blog, she asked some advice on what she should wear when she shot her appearance on Beads, Baubles and Jewels! I mentioned in a comment that I really thought the color of the sweater she had on in her blog photo would be great for tv, and really made her look nice! She decided to go with my suggestion, and sent me this little gift!

Finally, Pearl from The Beading Gem’s Journal was having a giveaway with Patricia’s polymer clay beads from thecolorofdreams on etsy. I won her beautiful polymer clay beads shown here just for leaving a comment. You should visit her store – she makes great beads! And check out Pearl’s blog; she always has such interesting things in it and lots and lots of useful advice and tutorials!

I also feel like a winner because I have quite a few items in publications this winter! I am glad because business is so far down this year, it’s about half of what it was last year. I really enjoy what I do, so I hope that the increased business from the visibility of these publications will help me to be able to keep making beads!

Later today or tomorrow I’m going to post about a bead I purchased from LeAnn of SummersStudio because it is just so beautiful I can’t wait to make myself something from it! And then I’m going to have a giveaway of my own!

4 thoughts on “Lucky!”

  1. Sue, if you see it hanging that way with the 3 loops on the bottom, go for it! nests are equally pretty however you hang them. I'm happy you like the little pendant. Can't wait to see what you make … maybe using some of your gorgeous beads with it!

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